Friday, April 14, 2006

Some guys give girls a bad name

Ace of Spades links to news that some university librarians are suing one of their own for harassment, based simply upon the fact that he recommended a batch of conservative books for the freshman reading program. At first, we were led to believe that the individuals who couldn't tolerate political opposition might be the usual, stereotypical "feminist" victim of life. But Ace got the update: it's a handful of hypersensitive gay guys. sissies.

Why do some gays see fit to follow the behavior patterns of the worst, weakest females? I don't even know any girls who are so girly as these whiny b*tches are... wait. Strike that. I know a couple of females who, while whining to everybody that they have no power, manipulate their environments masterfully with a strategically placed "waaaah" about sexism or some other "ism".

These are the people who get the label of "girl".

The rest of us grow up.

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Big E said...

I am suspect ANY TIME someone complains about / wants to ban or censor any kind of book or written material. While there is lots of trash out there that I don't want to read and am certainly opposed to, I don't want to ban it.

A free exchange of ideas means that I use my own ideas to counter those that I disagree with. If someone wants to throw out some tripe about the joy of having sex with animals, and put it in the university library, have at it.

Ditto on wussy boys and girls of all stripes who want to whine and protest about being offended or repressed. Get over your wounded self-importance all ready.