Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Catblog: No war today

BBD (aka Piers Plowman) and Aye Aye (Valentino) have spent much of their time, as males, jockeying for control of the territory known as Frontporchistan. Somehow, though, they seem to have come to some sort of
Boys Sharing Breakfast
accord, over a plate of kibble.

This must be a very Good Friday.

Don't forget to visit Modulator for Friday Ark # 82, and pop in at the Carnival of the Cats, this Easter Sunday to be hosted by wonkitties at Begin Each Day....

1 comment:

bourgogne said...

i've heard that the territory of frontporchistan is considered an extremely dangerous territory. my mother would warn, "don't go to frontporchistan! you could lose an eye!"