Friday, April 14, 2006

Comedy Censorial: South Park blackout

I don't actually have anything to say about this. I don't have cable or satellite tv hookup, & my computer is on a slow modem from hell, so I have only everybody else's descriptions of the events, and, quite frankly, even when I did have access to Comedy Central, I didn't watch it much, so I can't actually comment on the big dust-up over the channel's refusal to show an image of Mohammed (except, if this is true, they're bigger dhimmiwussies than Jdhimmi Carter).

Of course, not actually being able to watch the events as they seem to have played themselves out, and reading the statements released & posted by some of the bloggers, I'm left to trust in others' opinions and, in essence, break wind about it simply to have my blog show up in that last link above...

But, hey, half the fun of writing a blog is going all extempore over subjects far beyond your ken, no?

So consider this my righteous indignation against a craven programming admin. Behold! My fist waves furiously, marring my typing and spellling! Spittle dots my monitor and I care not! I am, this one brief shining moment, equal to a DU denizen!

Comedy Central's a bunch of *@%#ing weenies! Nyah nyah nyah!

I'd have been a little more serious about this if I'd thought for one minute that this network -- or any other entertainment source -- would seriously consider taking a real risk in the name of freedom. That will surely happen on the same day Chicago hosts the Subway Series and Satan goes shopping for a parka.

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Big E said...

I saw it and was disappointed. It's a little late now for Com Central to be politically correct. I'm not sure how much "respect" I ever had for them, but I have less now.