Friday, March 31, 2006

Catblog Friday: Breakfast after the storm

The wind and rain dragged the mob back in again, this morning.
I was greeted enthusiastically by all of them
Crowding the Plate
Clockwise from upper left: Furfur, Kali, Utha Brutha, DustBunny, and CoCoPuff

(okay, so half of them are still feral enough to sit back and watch
BBD gets defensive
Clockwise from left: BBD, Grumpy Gus, and Valentino (aka Aye Aye)

suspiciously until the food is poured and I'm a few feet away -- and then they still keep an eye out),

Handsome Anselm
Han'some Anselm
and had plenty of snuggles, once they were all sated.

It's good to have friends, but sometimes it gets a little expensive. These guys and their friends go through a bare minimum of one 18-20 lb bag of kibble each week, and I know I'm not the only sucker on the block feeding them.

There are days when I wish they weren't all so gol-durned cute. Or, maybe, that I weren't so gol-durned sappy about furrballs.

Mustn't forget: drop by Modulator, for a visit to Friday Ark #80, and head over to the Carnival of the Cats, this Sunday to be hosted by Life ~ Florida ~ Whatever.


Pet Campbell said...

I buy big bags of feed at tractor supply for the outdoor cats.. They do really well on it.. and it sure saves some money..So you might check out there or a feed store..

leucanthemum b said...

pet c, thanks for the suggestion. We have a really spiffy farmers' supply store in town, & it's usually where I get my kat fud, for the outside kitties. When it's on sale. Their cheap stuff is fairly high-quality, but not as cheap as some store-brand stuff from the grocer's. I go where the sales go.

We used to have a Purina plant here in town, & I find I trust the quality of their products, too. When Meow Mix goes on sale, I buy six or seven of those 20-pounders at a time. It's like having the kids eat at Mickey Dee's though. There's a bit more fat & filler than I'd prefer, but it's still just about the cheapest nutrition in town.