Thursday, March 30, 2006


Today Allahpundit is posting at Michelle Malkin's blog, and has the latest on not just the decision of Borders Group (parent company of Borders Books and Waldenbooks) against stocking Free Inquiry because it carries the dreaded cartoons of infamy, but about another publication which bravely runs those images, and the woes of the industry as a result of said eeeeevil drawings, in THE HECKLER'S VETO.

A handful of print media outlets have published the images, and are now facing costly, obscene frivolous lawsuits. If I had any money, I'd be sending it to their defense funds.

It is time we reminded the world that true civilization requires full freedom (especially of the press), and freedom, as they say, isn't free.

On the topic of the Borders Group decision, I used to work for them (back when I could actually stay on my feet for hours on end). If they'd asked me whether or not to risk my well-being on this particular issue, I'd have told them to send me a couple hundred copies of the magazines, and I'd make a big window display. Let the [expletive deleted]s blow up my store. I'd be happy to become a martyr for this particular cause.

Okay, I'd be dead, not exactly happy. But you get my drift.

Dammit, this is MY country. MY country's Constitution states that we have the right to FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. If a Muslim is offended by what he reads or sees, he can protest like the rest of us -- he can write a damned letter to the editor. If what they printed isn't true, he has the right to sue. In the case of the majority of those cartoons, there's darned solid evidence to support the case against Islamists. If what is printed can be proven, that disgruntled Muslim can jolly well STFU and STFD.

I'm in favor of a countersuit. Or, maybe a few strategically-placed hog farms.

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Big E said...

Amen. Another blog on this topic that is linked by Malkin's blog is Atlas Shrugs -

She has the stupid cartoons and some great comments. Gives me some hope for the future.