Friday, March 31, 2006

Reminder: Tomorrow begins Nat'l Poetry Month

Thanks to Friday's Ark, I flitted on over to Watermark's Friday catblog, only to be reminded why April is the cruellest month...

It's because it's National Poetry Month, and I'm WAAAAAY behind in my rhyming. I'm supposed to be working on a story for my nephew, and, by the time I finish its collection of quattrains, he'll be a grandfather and I'll be in Purgatory, sorting papers for Carl Sandburg. Or, worse, I'll be editing greeting cards in Hell.

Meanwhile, I'll leave this Dickinson for all to enjoy:
TO be alive is power,
Existence in itself,
Without a further function,
Omnipotence enough.

To be alive and Will—
’T is able as a God!
The Further of ourselves be what—
Such being Finitude?

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