Saturday, December 03, 2005

Why we can't get any good contractors to come to our houses

They're all working for the gummint.

O' course, so are the crappy contractors, but they do the stuff for Western Illinios Regional Conference, the repair and "bringing up to code" of the homes my friends live in. One of which friends has just been told that the reason her furnace wasn't working yesterday, when it was only TEN DEGREES FAHRENHEIT outside was that the electrician the state had paid to wire her house had left many many many wires incorrectly attached (and some not attached at all) to the circuit breaker box, and, therefore, it was something of a holiday miracle that the furnace had worked at all... and that the house hadn't burned down. And the original contractors had acted as if they were doing her a favor just by showing up. Maybe they thought so, but I'm thinking she was probably a bit better off before they started mucking about in her sweet little Arts and Crafts house.

Merry Christmas!

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