Saturday, December 03, 2005

Postcards from the past

I can't stay and play today. I'm supposed to, even now, be helping Mom prepare supper, since we're all eating together, with company, this evening. We've put on a pot of Mom's mellow chili, and we'll serve it up family style, unlike the way the author of the notes on these postcards did.

From what I can tell, E.E. Lewis was from somewhere in the vicinity of Colmar, IL, and wrote these cards to Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Tabler of that fair community, in February of 1919, during his breaks from serving as a cook to the rest of the troops. The first card, here, says so very much about American/French relations:

Le Mans 1919. card 1 of 3, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

"we have every thing we need but I do not like France at all..."

In the second card of the trio in his bundle, he continues to express his views of the locals:

Le Mans 1919. 2 of 3, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

"the natives here are called Frogs and I can not talk to them."

In his third (and final for this batch) card, he mentions the most common complaint of any overseas soldier:

Le Mans 1919. 3 of 3, originally uploaded by leucanthemum b.

"Tell Nell to write for I have never recd a word from her."

Reminder: There are still many troops overseas today, and Christmas will be here before long. At the very least, send a quick note to let them all know you are thinking of them, and thank them for the sacrifices they're making to keep us all free.

And, to my faithful Catholic friends, I wish you well on the feast day of Saint Francis Xavier, Apostle to the Far East. I know few people observe these saints' days, but he's one I have a soft spot for, and a few of my dearest friends may actually know why.

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