Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm in Tech Heck

Due to the introduction of tea (it's not my fault, this time!) into the keyboard (I'm told this is not a good way to clean out spam from one's e-mail box), I'm having some technical challenges, this week. My column may be late getting posted, my blog will suffer from a lack of input, and other aggravations may build until the new keyboard arrives from the Apple internet store (Mom wasn't in the mood to pay the extra for the "rush" shipment, so we may be -- grumble, grumble -- slow to repond to things, at least through the next three to five business days).

If I'm not replying to an e-mail you sent, it's not necessarily because I find it too trivial to note. It may be simply that I can't get any keyboard in the house to behave.

This message is coming to you from a battered, tattered Mac G3 my dad has been using for playing solitaire and storing his research on... I have no clue what dad's been researching since he retired. We respect each other's boundaries (at least, that's what we tell everybody).

Anyway, the machine has very slow and very limited browser capabilities, so I'm going to read a few books this week, instead of surfing the net. We'll see how badly I'm jonesing for a quick peek at the news, by the time the new board arrives. Wish me some scraps of sanity. I'll need all the help I can get.

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