Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I just want to say...

"Mmmf!" We hit minus ten degrees Fahrenheit at sunrise this morning, and we can factor in the breeze... some estimates put the wind chill around minus thirty-five.

I could use a hot toddy or two, and the kitties mobbed the hot water dishes I set out for them already. It's so cold, my digital camera refuses to take pix. The worst part of this week is, when the temp drops below 5 degrees F., the heater in the car I drive stops working. It doesn't even make a groaning noise, and it doesn't wake up the dash board enough to start the window defrogger, so the frost formed by my increasingly heated words just sticks to the windshields. That heater just sits there, attached to the engine, doing exactly zip. Now I ask you, what is the point in having a car heater which doesn't work in extreme cold?

Dammit I'm grumpy. This is one helluva way to observe Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. They've moved most of the services indoors, instead of standing by war memorials, around here, and I can't be in crowds, today, since my respiratory allergies are set on "high" today, after spending last evening with a group of ladies I adore, but who (almost) all wear heavy perfumes... So, I have held my thoughts & prayers on my own, locally.

I hope those who were expecting me to attend events will forgive me.

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