Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm quitting the L&O fan base

I used to watch every episode of NBC's procedural drama "Law & Order", as well as its multiple offshoots, because I thought they were tightly-crafted dramas with believable scripts and superior performances.

This past week has changed all that.

First, it was the episode endorsing abortion and excusing self-battery for said purpose. Then, on Sunday night, L&O CI came on with an hourlong tirade against Gitmo, trying to have us believe that a psychiatrist/behavioral psychologist/whatever, driven by her guilt at having guided the "torture of prisoners" at Guantanamo detention camp, conducted an experiment where the accidental end result was the creation of a psycotic killing machine. Okay, I thought. CI was always a silly little experiment in leftwing Sherlock Holmes wannabbe-ism. I don't actualy have to watch weepy Wincent D'Onofrio's mannerisms in order to get a fairly taut story. I still have SVU, I said.

I no longer have SVU. Last night they fed us a story line in which a clash between staunch Catholic teachings and lesbianism created a devout and nearly lethal little girl. But it was all the fault of those darned intolerant Catholics.

I'm not a Christian, myself, but, Gee Whiz!

These pitchmen who have been writing the series -- all three of the shows for that matter -- seem to think that it's okay to vilify an entire religious group, and, for that matter, the majority of the country. Teaching a child right from wrong obviously must come into conflict with teaching a child about truth and love and all that warm fuzzy moral relativistic stuff, right? Oh, and the fundamentalists who kill and maim are never Muslims or atheists or anybody else, are they (except in the case where they're victimized into some unsavory act)? No matter what the crime, it's always white-bread Christians at fault, as far as these guys are concerned.

I'm deleting these shows from my recorder's programming. I think that, from now on, I'll be reading a book in the bathtub while they're on the air.

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Tom Olson said...

I gave up on L%O some years ago. The show has been a soapbox for fuzzy leftwing beliefs for years. I'm surprised that it has taken you so long!!