Saturday, November 19, 2005

Friday's Klips: More on Bill Ayers at Monmouth College

I've transcribed the news article from the local newspaper regarding domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his visit to our college, at Friday's Klips: More on Bill Ayers at Monmouth College. I hope also to be able to post some of what has been said by a few students and faculty members in the wake of the event, as soon as I receive copy of some text (and authorization to use it).

As you may have guessed, while there were no riots, this has not been a quiet week in our sleepy little hamlet.

Update: in case anybody has worries regarding copyright infringement, I've discussed the event with Ira Smolensky, and he has allowed that I can post his words on this topic in their entirety. We both agree that the subject needs to be verrrrry public (for differing motives, of course).

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