Friday, November 18, 2005

Feminists for Life and the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Bill brings up another feminist issue.

I looked in at the Feminists For Life site, and, while they support a few things I seriously disagree with, it seems to me their heart is in the right place, when it comes to women and children. Information and services which, readily available for abortions, should be at least equalled for the more vital alternatives. Women should be supported, both emotionally and financially, in their decisions to give birth and to raise or give up for adoption the children they do bring into this world -- especially young women who still wish to complete their educations.

I had to go through a church-connected agency for what help there was, when I was young and stupefied. I wish I had known there were these women out there, too. I wouldn't have felt quite so like a dandelion seed in the path of a tornado, then, to know there are others who see life as the only rational option. I learned on my own that the unexpected life is an occasionally necessary part of growth, for family and society.

Hey -- life happens! It's about time somebody pointed out to the world that there are positive options to surprises.

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