Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rutherford hopes to force Blago to accept logical legislation

I received this e-mail message from State Senator Dan Rutherford, today:

Dear Rebekah,

I want to update you on three Pro-Second Amendment bills that were vetoed by Governor Blagojevich and will be up for override consideration in Fall Veto Session.

Senate Bill 57, would require the Illinois State Police to end its practice of registering firearm owners and then to erase its database of lawful firearm transactions. To view the bill click on the following link: (link here)

Senate Bill 2104, would standardize firearm and ammunition transportation laws statewide so that hunters, sportsmen and other lawful gun owners would not be hampered by inconsistent local ordinances. To view the bill click on the following link: (link here)

House Bill 340, reforms the waiting period provisions to lift the waiting period when a lawful gun owner trades one firearm in for another. To view the bill click on the following link: (link here)

I voted in favor of each of these bills. The Governor has vetoed them. I will vote to override the Governors veto. I will keep you informed as to the progress of the Veto Session.

Dan Rutherford
State Senator

I'm not holding my breath. Unless a miracle occurs, and a very large majority of the Chicago Democrats who occupy seats in Springfield suddenly develop a clue & decide it's a good thing to (a) clear out police records on innocent civilians, (b) standardize laws all across the state, and (c) allow for legal trades to be done without government interference, common sense will remain largely departed from those hallowed halls. But I'm glad Rutherford is willing to make an attempt.

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