Sunday, July 31, 2005

Blagojevich vetoes three pro-gun bills

Oh, look! The blow-dried one has forgotten how many moderate downstaters voted for him.

I reckon he figures there aren't enough of us down here who can both read a law and own a firearm. Or, maybe he's hoping to reduce our numbers. He's pressing his luck, come next election, if he thinks that way.

WTF is the use of refusing to allow same day trades, anyway? If somebody already has a rifle, and s/he wants to swap it for a better one for the hunt tomorrow, why deny him the opportunity?

And, what's with the refusal to dump records on law-abiding citizens? If I pass a background check, they don't need to hang on to the file that says I passed it... they only need the records of those who fail. Retaining that record is more than a bit Big-Brotherly, even in my not-so-conspiracy-minded universe.

Sorry, but the excuse that these measures will "keep firearms out of the hands of criminals" doesn't wash. All it does is create a watch list of non-criminals, and make the government all the more powerful as overlords of our lives. If the left wants to complain over the perceived intrusions by the USA PATRIOT Act, maybe they ought to look a little closer to home. This is truly an invasion of citizens' privacy, and an erosion of our second amendment rights, as well.

I don't actually own any firearms, but I don't anticipate any personal need for application of the Third through Thirteenth, Fifteenth through Eighteenth, or the Twentieth through Twenty-seventh Amendments on any day this year, either, and I still expect our elected officials at state and federal levels to uphold them all during their tenure in office.

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