Saturday, October 15, 2005

Update to Bringing a Terrorist to Monmouth

Today's DRA* has published an answer, of sorts, to my column from a week ago yesterday. Here it is in its entirety (any typographical errors you may find are mine, in transcription):



Dr Ayers, a "Distinguished Profesor" at the University of Illinois at Chicago, will be speaking on a variety of issues at the campus, including his role as a political activist in the sixties and seventies. We would like to point out, as a clarification to Kloeppel's commentary, that Dr. Ayers never injured or killed anyone, nor did he attempt to do so. It is our hope that the college will take this time to enter into thoughtful and civil discussions over Dr. Ayers' previous controversial activities. We trust that Monmouth College students will bring critical minds to bear on every speaker and issue they encounte while here, and that exposure to extreme or different views will be seen as being part of a Monmouth College education aimed at producing reflective and articulate citizens.

    Dr. Craig Vivian, Department of Education, Monmouth College
    Dr. Steve Buban, Department of Sociology-Anthropology, Monmouth College
    Dr. Judi Kessler, Department of Sociology-Anthropology, Monmouth College
    Dr. Petra Kuppinger, Department of Sociology-Anthropology, Monmouth College

Notice anything, here?

*Daily Review Atlas, whose editors very kindly print my weekly column, at no cost to me

Update: Mom's comment: "By that standard, they should have no qualms over inviting David Duke to speak. Nice." Or Reverend Moon, or even li'l ol' Pat Buchanan. Haven't seen them on the calendar, yet. Haven't even seen a moderate conservative pencilled in.

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