Friday, August 19, 2005

Still looking for highway motor vehicle songs

As I begged, groveled, and pleaded in my earlier post, composite drawlings: Will somebody help me, please?, I'm looking for titles of songs which feature cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

I got a couple of e-mails from friends, adding to the list, which now includes these (and which I tracked down afterward, mostly in
Car-Car(Mom used to sing this to us kids as we were driving to Grandma's house); This Car of Mine; Cars;Used Cars; Fast Car; Hot Rod Lincoln; In My Merry Oldsmobile; Little Old Lady from Pasadena; No Particular Place to Go; Little Deuce Coupe; Little Red Corvette; Fire; Pink Cadillac; Drive;Drive My Car; a host of other songs whose titles include the word "drive", including I Can't Drive 55;Fun, Fun, Fun; Hitchin' a Ride; Life in the Fast Lane; (which always trips my memory chords to Kip Adotta's "Life in the Slaw Lane") 409; Beep Beep;Truckin'; Keep On Truckin'; Dead Man's Curve;On the Road (one of my favorites to sing to the cats); Taxi (a good one in the shower); Early Morning Cold Taxi; Shut Down

And these, for which I have not yet hunted down lyrics:
Born to be Wild; Low Rider; Road to Nowhere; Highway to Hell; Me and Bobby McGee; Take It Easy; Get out of my Dreams (And Into My Car); Wolf Creek Pass; Convoy; Big Yellow Taxi; On the Road Again; Back Home Again; The Wheels on the Bus; Motorcycle Mama; Radar Love; Truck on Fire; Truck Drivin' Man; Truck Driver Divorce; Cars Trucks Buses; Car Crazy Cutie; Cherry, Cherry Coupe

Please, please, please, add to this list what you can!

Update/Correction: "Life in the Slaw Lane" was written by both Adotta and Biff Manard. But I still laugh every time I hear mention of "Life in the Fast Lane".


Tracey said...

Mustang Sally
Friendly Stranger in the Black Sedan
Sweet Hitchhiker
Chevy Van
Makin Thunderbirds
Bad Motorscooter
Last Kiss
Boys of Summer

leucanthemum b said...

Hey, thanks, tracey! I had totally forgotten about the Caddillac reference, in particular, in Boys of Summer.

And then my neighbor mentioned Spinout (I almost forgot about Elvis, too), so a couple of my tech-challenged friends suggested these highway-related tunes: Long Lonely Highway and Speedway, then brought up Autobahn, Route 66, Carefree Highway, and Ventura Highway.

Tracey said...

And your mention of Elvis reminds me of that great song Long Black Limousine or whatever it is at the end of searchin' for graceland. If you haven't seen that movie, I recommend it!

Tracey said...

oh, YEAH, i just remembered "Gonna buy me a Mercury....Cruise up and down this road" done by Steve Miller as well as many others.

Tracey said...

and Deep Purple's "Highway Star."