Sunday, August 14, 2005

Will somebody help me, please?

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Ever since last Friday, when I attended the Cruise Night festivities in Downtown Monmouth, I've had nothing but car- , motorcycle- and truck-related songs running through my head.

It all started when I heard the eternally 1970s local band, Eternity Road, playing their usual flashback tunes -- the same ones I heard at the dances in the high school gym when I was young and stupider. The band was playing its usual mix of rock and pop tunes (sans disco, thank all the powers that be). I turned to ex sailorette and said, "Wouldn't it be cool if they played nothing but car songs, next year?"

That night, I heard the instrumental strains of "Low Rider" running throughout my dreams. Since then, I've heard "Highway to Hell", "Drive My Car", "Two of Us" (the Beatles tune), and "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", to name but a few.

Drive My Car
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So here is my dilemma: until I can come up with as many songs of motorized transport as is humanly possible, my bipolar mind won't let go of it, and I'll continue to obsess over the list, and replay songs in my head until I want to bash something in.

Some of the other titles I have running in my head include:
Little GTO
Hot Rod Lincoln
Little Old Lady from Pasadena
I Can't Drive 55
No Particular Place to Go
Little Deuce Coupe
Fun, Fun, Fun
Pink Cadillac
Will all y'all toss a few titles onto my list? Maybe Eternity Road will be able to build a decent thematic concert out of it, for next summer's Cruise Night.

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