Saturday, August 20, 2005

lgf: Chuck Hagel's Global Test

Little Green Footballs, yesterday, posted the news that Republican 2008-candidate-wannabee Chuck Hagel says we should talk to the Iranian government, and that we can't reasonably use the military option, because we're stretched so thin... from (the product of Drudge report's "silent partner"):
“Quite frankly, what is the military option, what are we talking about here? We lose credibility in the face of the world when we say things like, ‘Well just don’t forget what happened to Iraq could happen to you Iran. We could invade you, we could bomb you.’

“Oh come on now. First of all, where are we going to get the troops? Who’s going to go with us? Where are our partners going to be with Iran?"

I don't know, bt I'm thinking that Israel and Iraq might just have enough lean, mean, fighting machines to give us a hand (God knows the Iraqis would happily dismember all the Iranian leaders). And, considering the sort of saber-rattling they've made against Pakistan and Afghanistan and some of the other new democracies, we might just have an even more interesting coalition, if need be. Who knows?

But Hagel's right. We should let Iran know we want to talk. In the same way that we women greet our men at the door with "We need to talk."

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