Saturday, August 20, 2005

Why aren't we hearing the good news?

Michael Yon asks a similar question in his blog.

Sometimes, the Pentagon and the White House frustrate the heck out of me, especially this week, when even conservatives like Armstrong Williams demand we withdraw from Iraq immediately. Nobody bothers to remind the public of simple facts like (a) there is a plan for victory, (b) not all of that plan is secret, and, (c) quite a bit of that plan has already been successfully implemented.

I keep reading & hearing things like "collapse", "deterioration", and the ever-present duck call of "quagmire", when people discuss Iraq, as though the only thing that ever happens in that country is car bombing or some other cluster-f...uh...disaster. Nobody but the bloggers seems to be mentioning the many provinces which have more peaceful and successful environs than we have in Peoria. Nobody but the bloggers seems to mention the electrical power plants back on line, the waterworks running, the city governments operating, the businesses opening, the schools filling with children, and the increase in opportunities for Iraqi citizens to have what we view as healthy, normal, everyday lives.

When will the President wake up and remind the public of why we are helping the Iraqis toward a democracy? When will he tell the world of the many ways in which we are succeeding, by showing Iraqis succeeding? Why keep secret the military successes, the political successes, the personal victories of American and Iraqi alike, when the open truth is so much more powerful a weapon against the terrorists?

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