Monday, August 22, 2005

Debate Brews Over Use of Koran in Court

From this article from last Friday, (which my mom pointed out to me, but being the sort of offspring I am, I postponed thinking about until the weekend was over), it's reported that the ACLU and a handful of local Muslims decided to force the North Carolina courts (and, by dint of a decision in their favor) every other court in the USA to accept and use Korans in their swearing-in of witnesses, etc.

Mom seems to think the expectation is a fair one. After all, the "Holy Scriptures" thing in the state's lawbooks isn't faith-specific, and therefore should be flexible enough to accommodate everybody.

So, if a Muslim doesn't want to swear on a bible, he can ask for the Koran. Problem is, the ACLU (with the help of others) has already pretty much gotten rid of the Bible in the courtroom. A US Supreme Court decision before my grandfather's pappy was born started it all. Quakers and others who, by virtue of their own rules in faith, may not swear on a Bible (or just may not swear at all), by law, may simply raise their right hands and state that they attest that the statements they are about to give... well, if you've ever watched any court scene in movies or on tv, you know the rest of the thing. The Bible doesn't have to be used, and, in courtrooms today, rarely is used.

Locally, the Good Book makes an appearance about 20% of the time. I suspect sometimes the clerk has no clue where it's stored. So, when a Muslim demands a Koran, maybe he should consider carrying in his own, like some folks I know do with their Bibles.

Of course, it's my understanding that the Koran encourages the act of lying to infidels (that'd be us nonbelievers). I don't know how solidly trustworthy such a pledge would be, under the circumstances.

I'd like to make an anatomically challenging suggestion to the ACLU, since Mom's not home this week... but she'll come back & read it, so I'll keep this clean. If the ACLU forces the Koran into the courts, then they can jolly well allow the 10 Commandments, as well. Otherwise, they're... uh... dang it, I can't find a clean term for the ACLU. It seems it's a four-letter organization.

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