Monday, August 22, 2005

IL gummint does the right thing for troops

The Southern Illinoisan had the first link I could find to the AP article on the bill Blago signed into law, barring cell phone companies from charging active duty soldiers extra disconnect fees, etc., and barring utilities from disconnecting services, requiring that they find ways for said soldiers to pay after they return home... Not that the aforementioned businesses will be overly pleased with the interference, considering how many other ways the State of IL has placed its choke-hold on them. But for once, I think interfering in regular business practices might actually be a good thing. Hmmm. Am I becoming a nanny-state socialist? Or is this just a one-shot deal from me because I think the troops & their families deserve to be cut some slack, after all they're doing for the world?

Can't find who sponsored the original bill, yet. If somebody finds out before I do, please feel free to offer it in comments. I'd like to shake his/her hand (and the legislator's too).

anyhoo, I mention the difficulty finding this article because it was only run in smallish print on page 3 of the PRINT version (not the online site) of the Daily Review Atlas, (the editors of which very kindly print my weekly column at no cost to me). I could find no mention of it at the sites of the BIG CITY papers, either, but then, I didn't spend my entire afternoon negotiating their sites for it. Either I missed it as it breezed through, or I need to do some more serious honing of my search skills (well, the latter is a given. I'm not an advanced cybergeek by any stretch of the imagination).

But I like finding news that the idjits in Springfield have done something of which I can approve. It's so rare an occurrence.

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