Thursday, July 07, 2005

On the loss of civility

Yesterday (posted directly below) I was decrying the loss of civility in public, because some people felt the need to piddle in a public fountain, and that city's council was trying to pass rules to stop this sort of thing.

Today, Rockford's fountain problems seem far more trivial. They don't even measure up to "quaint".

I couldn't sleep, last night -- too hot, as usual -- so I sat up and watched tv. It put things in a different perspective.

My heart goes out to all those people who were caught in the attack. My prayers (such as they are) are for strength for the ones who lost loved ones, and rapid healing for those who were injured.

Update: Rudy Giuliani gave an interview with the Beeb (BBC America, anyway) (transcripted by Tigerhawk), in which he said that "New Yorkers got their inspiration [on 9/11/01] from London" in the Blitz. What he said was absolutely correct, and reminded us all how to stand strong with our neighbors and allies. When the grief subsides, it isn't going to be about anger. It's going to be about determination. We will be strong. We will defeat the darkness that destroys. This is what freedom entails.

Update II: My mother reminded me, once more, of the example of how the people of London continued to get on with their lives in the midst of being bombed out in the Blitz -- the classic, sweet display of British stoicism: "Never you mind, then, dear. Just put on the kettle and we'll have a nice cuppa hot water...." Even though the source is satire, the people of London do not change in substance.

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