Thursday, July 07, 2005

Judge says no to reparations

As reported in this Sun-Times article, US District Court Judge Charles Norgle told the reparations plaintiffs that they had insufficient evidence of direct, "individualized harms... at the hands of the defendants."

In response, Conrad Worrill, the chairman of the Nat'l Black United Front gave the predictable: "His eyes are the eyes of a racist."

When you can't bully somebody into giving you what you want, when you don't agree with him, call him names. That will really do your cause a world of good.

What the reparationists are demanding -- even when it comes directly from a corporation which has admitted it gained some wealth as a result of slave industry or trade in centuries past -- is that everybody pony up.... Not just the family which owned the business, but all other investors since that date, even those who were not in this country before the Civil War. In other words, they want payment from people who were not involved in a thing which ended generations before either side was born. The suit is attempted theft, and is inherently racist, to boot.

It's nice to see a judge who reads the law, first.

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