Thursday, July 07, 2005

Did I hear that right?

I was walking through the room as my parents were watching the O'Reilly Factor, & caught the tail end of his discussion of today's events in London with a man my mother told me was a Madeleine Not quite Albright's protege (I didn't catch his name -- if somebody can edjamacate me on it, I'd be much obliged). After much O'Reilly badgering about whether or not we could expect Europe to finally understand what we are trying to do in this war on terror, and this man trying to say that Britain counted as Greater Europe, politically, and therefore Europe had been with us all along... the guy finally has the last word as the cameras are cutting to commercial: "I don't get paid enough to defend France."

Update: I've at last identified the diplomat -- James Rubin. Looks like Christiane Amanpour married a live one.

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EclectEcon said...

Nice catch. I've just linked to it on my blog.