Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Are Europeans getting a clue?

Is this clue the one that our Congress seems to be missing?

Chrenkoff reports: "Europe to illegal migrants - good-bye: Not as nice and caring anymore, Europe facilitates quick tours of the continent -- in reverse direction: 'Five major European powers plan to jointly ship illegal immigrants back home in a single plane that makes stops in each of their countries, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy announced on Tuesday. 'Together ... we will organize airplanes to repatriate illegal immigrants from Britain, Spain, Germany, France and Italy,' Sarkozy told a news conference on the final day of talks between the group of Interior Ministers, known as the Group of Five. The plan will allow the five countries to combine political and financial efforts to control illegal immigration, Sarkozy said, adding that the joint repatriation effort was proposed by Spanish Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso.' Shame on Spanish Socialists for leading the efforts. What's next? Socialist Minutemen (or, seeing it's Europe, Fortyfivesecondsmen) patrolling the borders to make sure that illegals aren't sneaking in?"

From economic damage to security threats, illegal immigration has been proven to be problematic for everybody. Not only for those countries which are overrun by them, but by the people back home whose lives are dragged down by the uncorrected circumstances which drive the rest away. If, for example, Vicente Fox were to clean up his country's act, clear out the rampant racism and corruption in all levels of government, his economy and population might stabilize, and -- who knows? Mexico might become welcome partners in an open trade relationship, instead of the greatly resented wankers to the south that they have been.

Until they can straighten themselves out, we should continue to press the issue by sending as many back as we can -- this means every illegal.

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