Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New project for Grand Canyon

Okay, call me a victim of my own phobias, buthere's a bridge I'm not going to step onto. Not even on a bet.


Eddie said...

What bridge is it? I like your blog.

leucanthemum b said...

thanks, eddie. I appreciate your kind words.

It's the "glass" bridge over the Grand Canyon.

For some reason, there are people who think that just leaning over the edge of a mile-high bluff is not exciting enough of a view.

Paint me queasy.

WNM said...


I finally managed to get to your homepage, I'll bookmark it. I agree, a glass bridge over the GC is not my idea of fun.

Off topic, I'll look into the toxicity of plants for you (we were discussing it over at LaShawn's). What type of soil do you have? I wonder because you said you had a hard time with petunias. How much sunlight did they get?

Great site,

leucanthemum b said...

Thanks wnm. I remember you from LaShawn's, & was hoping we'd meet again soon. Since I have very few people, so far, come a-calling on my site, I don't mind the odd off-topic moments. At least there's conversation.

My ground's soil is rich, black, midwestern loam intermingled with cat by-products. I usually try to keep my flowers in pots, though, using the mid-grade potting soil mixed with shredded sponge (to retain moisture) and a little of either sand or peat, depending upon the instructions I get from Rebecca Coles & P. Allen Smith. I used to go to Martha Stewart, too, but that's too much work for this damaged frame of mine.

I think the real reason my petunias never grew well is that my mom isn't fond of them, so she cast a hex upon them ;-)

Or maybe "benign neglect" isn't as benign as the term might indicate.