Thursday, July 21, 2005

And some non-news

Still no rain. It sprinkled yesterday afternoon, just enough to rearrange the dust on my car's windshield. Forecast is miserably hot and dry through until next Wednesday. I'm not holding my breath for that rain, though.

I guess Chicago got all our water, again. Dammit, why don't you city folk give us SOMETHING?!!! First you take all our tax dollars, and then all our industry & good farm land get sucked into the urban sprawl that is Chicago Metro area, and now, you steal our meager rainfall. Sheesh. I blame Daley and Blagojevich and Durbin, today. Gerrymander us some showers, wouldja?


Tannish said...

Thursday's rain lasted 30 minutes. A nice start, but insignificant regarding agricultural needs.

It was, however, a deep gray, gloomy kind of storm front with high winds - just thi kind of storm that you'd expect to have presage the "End Of Times"(tm)

I loved it!

leucanthemum b said...

Those are the kind of storms I like, too... complete with warnings from the national weather bureau, and instructions to stay indoors and head for the cellar. But trust you Chicagoans (Yes, I know you're not actually living in the city, but I'll indiscriminately use the blanket metro-area term for all non-downstaters ;-) ) to get all of what little good stuff there is, she said with a pout.

Still, we Illinoisans all could probably use a couple of weeks of unspectacular, slow, steady, drenching rains. The drought is driving the prairie and woodlands wildlife into town, to steal drinks from people's pets' dishes, so we've had a couple dozen cases of raccoons assaulting cats, down here (one of my porch denizens nearly bought the farm, trying to defend her litter). The small animal hospital's staff hates heat waves and droughts about as much as farmers and gardeners do.

But none so much as I do. I'm lookig for recruits for a bucket brigade. Wanna join?