Friday, July 22, 2005

En garde, you musty sofa!

My pal pjoe sent me news of this, from Reuters via Yahoo News: Unearthed Dumas novel a bestseller 130 years late

It seems Dumas had been publishing his last work in serial form, in a 19th century journal that is now long-gone from the business world. Scholar Claude Schopp stumbled across the old text and pieced it back together, saw it was unfinished... And, viola! the publishing world has another sequel.

My buckle is swashed and everything. I'm already picturing the Disney feature, and casting, it in my mind.

Actually, I'm starting by making a list of all the actors I don't want to see in it:

Tom Cruise
Leonardo Di Caprio
Johnny Depp (I occasionally like him, just not for this)
Ben Affleck
Hayden Christiansen
Anybody who got his "big start" on SNL

I could envision these guys in the heroic lead, as a young nobleman battling for the restoration of the monarchy:

Jude Law
Ioan Gruffudd
Ewan McGregor
Charlie Sheen (for laughs)

Anybody else have an opinion, either way?

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