Thursday, July 21, 2005

Loving Mom smuggles drugs to jailed son

According to this from the Daily Review Atlas, Sandra Sage, a 46-year-old resident of Monmouth, was arrested for trying to smuggle meth to her son, who was incarcerated in the local hoosegow:
"Sage brought property to her son, Patrick, 21, recently arrested for felony domestic battery. He is also facing a charge of manufacturing a controlled substance (methamphetamine). While examining a pair of boxer shorts Sage left at the jail for her son, a correctional officer noticed a seam on the underwear appeared altered, and a 'crinkling sound' could be heard when the officer touched the seam. A brown substance was then removed from the seam, and subsequently tested positive as methamphetamine."

I'd have been a little uncomfortable examining a brown substance found in somebody's boxers, but, hey, that's why they pay the cops those big bucks, right? I wonder if Sage thought she was being a GEEE-nius?

"Sage was arrested Tuesday, after she returned to the jail, Youngquist said. He noted that prior to being arrested and placed in jail, Sandra Sage was on bail for a felony cocaine possession charge, and her bond in that case was only $2,000, with 10 percent to apply. In other words, after being arrested for cocaine possession recently, she posted $200 bail and was released. Other than the three drug charges now pending against her, Sage has no other criminal history, Youngquist said."

(Emphasis mine). I like that... "other than the three charges" sounds a little like, "Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

"Finding probable cause for detention purposes, McClintock then asked for Youngquist's recommendation regarding bond, and he recommended $50,000. Local attorney Warren McNeill, who said he expects to represent Sage in this case, asked bond be set at no more than $5,000.

'She's not a flight risk, and this is not a particularly heinous crime,' McNeill said."

She may not be a flight risk, but she certainly is a hazard -- to herself and her son, if nobody else (and it appears her son is a menace to more than himself). The scary part of this is, the article indicates she claims she is a "retired school teacher". No wonder, then, that so many kids have problems with comprehension.

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