Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Nobody seems to do anything about it

Author and humorist Samuel Clemens was once cited as saying that everybody talks about the weather, but nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

That would be the case around here. The area known as "34 corridor" between Mount Pleasant, IA, and, roughly, Galva, IL, has seen less than three inches of rain, so far this month. My little patch of Monmouth has seen a total of .25 inches in the past 6 weeks. Right now, there is thunder rumbling all around, but the rain seems to be askeer'd of fallin' on us. Nevertheless, I have optimistically closed all my car windows.

I suppose I should blame Bush for refusing to agree to the demands of the Kyoto accords. That would satisfy my lefty friends.

But, personally, I blame the weather for the weather.

Drought happens.

Meanwhile, I carry several big 3-gallon buckets of water from inside my house (I have yet to get a plumbing contractor to come instal an exterior tap for a hose), to water my plants, and to provide relief for the fuzzy hairballs who seem to think my front porch is a spiffy sanctuary.

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