Thursday, June 09, 2005

We had a bit of weather, yesterday

The Hawk Eye covers some of it.

Personally, I'm still coming down off the high of seeing all that rain falling on my garden. Considering how much the city charges for water, and also considering how much water weighs, I'm always thankful when I don't have to carry bunches of 5-gallon buckets from the house (although my old physical therapist would be proud of me for my upper body strength, now).

My pet cats, however, were none too pleased by the disruption. And the damp black feral beasts who live in my garage and on my porch glared at me as I came home, yesterday. I guess the weather is my fault. I feel so omnipotent, when I see them glaring at me. I hope the forecasts are accurate, and we have plenty more of the same, today through next Monday.

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