Thursday, June 09, 2005

Can somebody point me in the right direction?

I'm a little frustrated. Yesterday morning, I heard somebody on Fox News (while I was listening from the other room) saying that the UN had been told what it needed in order to straighten up and fly right. Among those things, there was an implied threat: if you don't clean up your act, the US may take "measures"... including the cessation of payments to that august body.

The response was (or so I believe I heard), "stopping funding will not work". A spokesman for the UN indicated that sanctions against the UN would be, at best, unproductive, and at worst, counterproductive. They will clean up their system in their own time, in their own fashion (restoring credibility can wait until later, I guess).

So, was this person actually saying that? If so, can anybody find me appropriate quotes (from both sides)? and further, if so, does this person genuinely think that this view can only apply to the UN? Have threats of economic sanctions ever worked on anybody? Have actual sanctions helped any innocent people, in the past century? I'd love to see some solid record on this.

I've been searching all the obvious locations for substantiation of both sides' statements, and can't seem to find them, even after 24 hours. I hope somebody actually reads my blog and has links or answers.

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