Monday, June 13, 2005

Following up on UN question

Last week, I mentioned that I'd sort of overheard a tv report on the UN and menacing financial noises made by a member or members of our government. Well, this morning, the NYT sort of answered:

"A number of American congressmen have called on Mr. Annan to step down because of the scandals in the oil-for-food program. Last week, Representative Henry J. Hyde, an Illinois Republican who is the chairman of the House International Relations Committee, introduced legislation that would withhold half of the United States' dues to the United Nations unless it met specified requirements for change and would turn a number of automatically funded programs into programs funded only voluntarily.

While the report noted the damage caused by the scandals, it stressed that one of the consequences was that the United Nations' top leadership realized the need to make fundamental changes. 'Real change may now be possible without resorting to the stick of U.S. financial withholding,' the report said."

I would seriously like to peek at that report. Maybe the NYT will link directly to it, or it will be posted somewhere else on the net soon. One can only hope.

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