Monday, July 04, 2022

The Sky Is Always Falling for Some People

 I was having a romp on one of the popular-with-idiots-and-journalists (but I repeat myself) social media sites, last evening, and ended up going on a bit of a rant. It went like this:

After presenting a few basic facts on a guy's thread refuting his claim that restricting abortions means women will die from untreated ectopic pregnancies, I've just been told "You're obviously a dude with no empathy so bugger off".

Since my “dude” vagina and I are no longer welcome to clarify, there, re: why I’m not in a panic over the Roe “trigger” laws, I thought I’d put a few of my points here. I’ll start with the biggie: what does the MO law (the one everyone keeps citing as most restrictive & therefore “dangerous”) actually say? 

Missouri bars abortion after 15 weeks; still allows for removal of dead unborn child lost to miscarriage, and permits chemical abortifacient treatments for medical emergency, (e.g. ectopic pregnancy) *in doctor’s office, under doctor’s supervision*, and gives the doctors power of decision, using “reasonable medical judgment”. 

Response: “concerns mount”  

If a hospital lawyer decides staff must wait until medical emergency becomes life-threatening crisis before treatment, and the doctors follow lawyer’s advice instead of protecting the health & life of the patient, the hospital should be in for a MASSIVE malpractice lawsuit.

Of course, the immediate response I got was “It’s happening already! There were nurses posting on their social media about it!” My reply: “It must be true because I saw it on social media! (eyeroll emoji)”, which was deemed, by them, a copout. But I’ve fallen for a few fairy tales on here, due to confirmation bias. I’m not saying it never happened…

but unless someone actually follows up with, say, multiple witnesses, some documentation, & maybe, a lawsuit or two, I’m inclined to have my doubts. It’s too easy for someone to hide behind credentials to push an agenda. Granted, that goes both ways, but (and here’s what started the shift of my own opinion on the issue a couple of decades ago), the pro-abort crowd has a longer history of lying.

First, they swore that all they wanted was simple legalization, to stop back-alley abortions & save women’s lives. Remember “safe, legal, and rare”? But, once legalized, the pro-aborts turned a blind eye to Kermit Gosnell’s charnel house for DECADES.

Next, it was “we’re pro-choice, not anti-abortion”.

“It’s not a human being.” “It’s just a parasitic clump of cells.” “It’s not alive until it takes its first breath.” 

Under the new ruling, with trigger laws, “some states have NO exceptions.” 

“It’s a private matter between a woman and her doctor only.” Baby makes three.

Anti-abortionists only care about making sure the baby is born. They don’t care about its life afterward.”

“You want the fetus to have more rights than the mother.” No, we want the baby to have the *same* right to life his or her mother has.

And here's where I answer the "no empathy" part: I've been through an unexpected pregnancy or two. One was ectopic, and I almost died before I got treatment. That was because I was *ignorant* of my condition and the laws.

When you deliberately lie in order to make people afraid to (a) seek help and/or (b) give lawful aid, you endanger lives just as surely as though the laws actually read they way you claim they do.

That's all I have, for now.


I could probably have found a few dozen more to share, but I got tired. These people & their shamelessness exhaust me.

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