Friday, May 27, 2022

Seasonal Volatility

I'm a bit agitated, lately, but Mother Nature seems to have arranged a good workout for me, this holiday weekend.

Yesterday started off pretty nicely. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the geranium was just beginning to bloom again after being transferred from the dining room to the front yard.

And then the sky darkened, the city emergency sirens started howling…

Fun stuff coming up from the south

strong winds tore through, flash floods and 

I wonder if I find a way to make the
sidewalk look like this all the time?
Safety questions aside, that is
big-ass hailstones poured down from above.

tiny, translucent turtles!

Heirloom twig?

We're crossing our fingers that we won't
have to replace the tomato plants

or the hostas

If hostas were palatable, I'd have a lovely
chopped salad… maybe with some tomatoes

or my geranium.

blooming tragedy

Pop took out the electric chainsaw between rain showers…

Maybe now we can persuade the neighbor to take down that weed tree, though. Neighbor guy seems somewhat more amenable, since he is currently the one with the chainsaw chores, now that Pop's gone on vacation.

It would be nice if his girlfriend agreed to our removing that thing.

Meanwhile, I'll be out there figuring out how to make portable, pop-up protection for my precious plants. Before we get more of that kind of weather, man.

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