Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Postcards of the Day: Food Funnies

Because food is crucial…and so is a sense of humor.

postmark: La Fayette IND
Feb, 1944
Address:Gale Downey
Plymouth Illinois
Got here 12:45
Had a long
train ride Got
here O.K. Was
up town this
Your Aunty

postmark: FOXBORO, MASS
Aug 12, 1955
Address: The Dora Downeys
Plymouth Illinois R.R.
Friday morning Aug 12
Dear Kids; We are almost
to Providence R.I. Boston
was some town. Streets
so narrow when meeting
a car, you had to drive
part on side walks.
Traffic is really tough.
Not making as good time
as expected. we wanted
to be out of N York tonite but
impossible now. the
hurricane came near us
I guess, from what I heard
Love. M. + F.

 Someone does not appreciate this one, though.

Not funny, Ma.

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