Monday, March 21, 2022

Postcards of the Day: Farm Humor

 Yesterday I came to you from a modern kitchen, so today I'll bring in something from the farmers' fields, in chronological order from their having been planted – erm – postmarked or published/copyrighted.

copyrighted Photograph 1908 by W. H. Martin
"Here is the place we grow large cabbage"

Copyright 1909
Edward H. Mitchell 
San Francisco

Postmark Boomville CAL., 1909
addressed to Mrs. Jno. Van Pappledam,
Warsaw, Ill.
Boomville Californay,
Dear Friend, Have
thought of you often
am well haveing
a good time; Hope
you and husband
are well; I want you write and 
give Mrs Horner's home
address as soon
as you can; I have
bin so many plases
since I left I tel 
you married life
beats living alone
you friend Mrs
G G DuBois

postmark Kansas City MO, Nov 15 1948
to Mrs Dora Downey
R. R. #2
Plymouth Illinois
Dear Mother.
We got in here
around 6:30 and
got a room at the 
YMCA.We have
rode the street
car and ben down
to the stock yards.
We are going to Pheobe
tonite. Bye, Bye. Gale, Daddy

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