Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Catblog: Coming back

I inadvertently took last week off from catblogging -- I was elbows-deep in a graphics project, and forgot about the lovely wee beasties until sometime around Tuesday morning.

Still, I do have fine feline company pretty much everywhere I go. At home, I have TiGrr, Peanut and Maus. Over here at Mom's, I am usually greeted by Piers Plowcat. Sometimes, he curls up on the cathouse shelf and waits for me to come to him, sometimes, as he did here, he rises and moves forward to have me acknowledge his feline nobility.
Piers Prowling

If he were a little less feral, he'd be Mom's lap pet. As it is, he's the recognized King of Momsporchistan, with all rights and privileges infurred.

For more lovely beasties, be sure to stop by Modulator's Friday Ark #215, and, on Sunday, don't miss the CotC, this weekend to be hosted at Chey's Place.

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Gemini and Ichiro said...

Thank you for joining the carnival this weekend.