Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Catblog: What's new?

New kittehs, that's what! Mom's neighbor kids were trying to retrieve a ball from under their front porch when they encountered a pair of wee black fluffballs. Naturally, they came over and asked if I could come out and play with them...

somber play

They were actually having more fun than this pic would have you believe.


Aside from the store-bought wand I had fetched from inside the house, one of the babies seemed to think a little girl's hand made a very good toy.

finger food
Killed it but good.

this looks interesting
After a while, the little one got up the nerve to explore, before returning to the raffia toy.

Hark! hist!
Of course, where there are crowds of children, other things come up... like
oh noes!
the kids' own cat, Smoky.
sez you
The little one doesn't surrender the toy or the attentions of the humans.

I like this wee fluffball's gumption.

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Victor Tabbycat said...

Awwwwww! I's surprised Smoky didn't mind them kittehs! I don't like ofur kittehs playin wif my mom. Fanks fur joinin us at the Carnival!

Anonymous said...

Aww, ain't they sweet!