Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Catblog: Have you seen me?

Just a few days after we brought Kokopelli


home from his surgery last month, he vanished from Momsporchistan. We suspect foul play, and not on the part of a coyote (they have yet to pester the other critters in our neighborhood, and there has always been good, close shelter for the wee beasties at the folks' place, so, no we don't think it was Wile E. or any other member of his family).

Somebody in our neighborhood seems to be deliberately removing from the block any cat to which the neighbor's kids grow attached. We have our suspicions, but that's all we can call them.

Mom really misses him, and I can't blame her. He's very, very affectionate. As long as you're not a dog. And even then, he puts up with a lot of canine nonsense.

If anybody knows anything about our missing roly-poly Mister Cuddlybugs Kokopelli, please send me an e-mail. We'd appreciate being able to put away our worries.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Kokopelli's disappearance. Losing a kitty is one of my most common nightmares. I hope he returns soon!