Monday, April 21, 2008

Early week cat stuff

First, there's news from my bestest friend Mari, who is likely going to have to take her old meezer Stretch
Stretch & Rizzo
Stretch and Rizzo

in for his final visit to the vet's office, this week. Stretch is of undetermined age and rapidly failing health, but an extraordinarily sweet disposition, so it will be hard to say farewell to him.

On the other hand, we took Kokopelli in to be "tutored", today.
Boxed In
He is now officially an "it". Plus, he got all those necessary shots -- rabies, West Nile, and so on, so he's ready to become a civilized beast.

He's none too happy that somebody messed with his hindquarters, but seems to be taking it well, as Mom has brought him into her house for the night -- until he is less groggy from the anesthesia and discomfort, he shouldn't be out amid the other toms, the coyotes, the traffic, the rowdy young'uns.... We set up the litter box my own beasties use when we come to house-sit, and he has a feather bed upon which to rest Kokopelli Home -- heck, he has nicer accommodations than I have at my own house! And yet, he seems to find greater comfort in simple proximity to grammaw and/or great-grammaw than in a soft fluffy bed.

I wonder how he'll react to being put back outside, tomorrow?

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Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

What a very handsome tabby and white kitty Kokopelli is! Sorry to hear about Stretch - we must all go to the Bridge sooner or later, but it is never a happy passing for those we leave behind.