Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Catblog: we're still having trouble focusing

TiGrr is not fond of being uprooted, even for short periods of time. Last week, he had been dragged from his own house to Grammaw's house, which, of course, meant putting him into his harness and stuffing him into the car to get him the whole two blocks from my house to the old fogies'. He gave me a pretty good set of scratches, in rebellion.

Of course, this past Monday, he had to go home again.

In the intervening week, Mr. Grr became rather spoiled -- 24-hour human company, big comfy rocking chair in the sun, all the amenities a cat could ask for. He doesn't get that, to the same degree, at my house. So, he's once again unhappy with the move, and pretending he's been abused, neglected, and whatever else he thinks he can get away with.

But he lost his focus last night,
trouble getting focused

and came to cuddle with me.

Still, he made it clear not everything was exactly hunky-dory.

I know how you feel
I wonder if they make cat-tongue depressors?

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