Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Tummy #12

This is Jack.
Sneakin' Up
Jack Sparrow.

I didn't name him. The kids next door to Momsporchistan did, since, officially, he lives at their house. I had originally named him "Gill, the mer-cat," because the tufts of stuff going on behind his ears reminded me of ... well, you can figure it out.
In Profile
Mom, however, decided he was too ornery for her tastes -- he kept picking fights with all the other animals on the block, and, in general made a nuisance of himself. She named him "L.S." She said it stands for "Little Sh...shtinker."

Here's his tummy as, a few days after the above pics were taken (after he'd lost most of the tufts and gained a collar), he tries to steal one of Kokopelli's favorite toys from Momsporchistan.

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