Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Catblog: le Papillon a volé loin

When it comes to kibble, I don't usually get complaints about my cooking. At least, not until recently.

What's wrong with breakfast?

But, after I waited a few minutes to see if Kokopelli would explain what it was about the meal which bothered him, I was treated with sighs and long stares into the distance.
Looking for somebody

He misses his litter-mate, Papillon.
We gonna miss you

Nothing bad has happened to her -- quite the opposite. Papillon has "flown" to her new home, with exSailorette and her motley band or merry-makers, and has become a pampered lap-kitteh.

Now, if we could only find a comparable lap arrangement for Kokopelli, all would be right with the world. Hey, Pop, howzabout it? I know you like cats more than you dote on Clyde... ;-)


If you seek critters, rather than homes for them, be sure to visit Modulator's Friday Ark #153, and stop by the Scratching Post, for CotC, on Sunday evening.

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