Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Catblog: Maus shows off the family

Maus isn't really a demanding kitty. She only wants what she wants, when she wants it. It's as simple as cat.

So I wasn't surprised that she was all over my legs, clawing at them, telling me she wanted a lap.
Lost in Thought Then, it was just attention and company in the high grass (and isn't she the beauty of the lilies?).

But something distracted her.
Did You Hear Something?

She turned to see what was going on,
Looking back
then went to investigate.

Her kids were asking if they could come out to play.

She's just moved them in, after having birthed and berthed them in the playpen which is a neighbor's back porch (under it, passing through the broken lattice). Their new hiding place is under the big planks I placed over the bulkhead to my basement (the actual bulkhead doors are mostly rotted away, and a determined predator would make short work of them, so I plunked the planks down in the hope that the beasties might use them. It appears my ploy was successful).
Little Fluff, Big World

There's just enough of a gap for them to wedge in and take shelter on the stairs, or on the siderail.

Mama & child
Mom says it's okay to come out!
Not the best camouflage
Last one out is not a rotten egg, though. There's plenty of fun to be had... for a little while.

Spring Into Action

After all, Mom brought breakfast al fresco. For all three little kittens,
even though they had no mittens.

Need to see more beasties? Nah, not after this incredibly lovely and talented bunch -- but just in case, stop by Modulator for Friday Ark #144, and be sure to visit the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday evening... There's always something lovely to be found at each.

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The 6th picture down just makes me wish for the patter of little paws on the floor. That little one is just too adorable for words.