Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Catblog: Furfur Cutting In

When the weather isn't too miserable outside, Mom takes Clyde out to the porch to get brushed (you saw this, too, on Wednesday's dogblog). Clyde hasn't yet figured out that this is Furfur's kitty territory. So, while Clyde was getting pampered, Furfur expected at least equal attention.

Clyde Gets a nice brushing

At least, until Clyde caught on to what was happening.
'Hey, wait a minute!'

Clyde explained that, even though the porch was Furfur's property, the old lady was not.
'Who the aytch are you?'

Clyde then went back to his business of being spoiled by Grandma.
'And don't come back'
("And don't come back!")

Furfur's response was to seek out the other old lady -- the one with the really soft lap and the big nap shelf above, with the heartbeat.

Furfur knows where the best cuddles are. That cuddle zone stays out even after the other old lady goes inside.

But Furfur still checks to make sure there is no Clyde interference, every now and again. I'll cuddle with the other old lady, then

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