Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Catblog: AyeAye's comedic performance

AyeAye (formally known as Mr. Valentino) dug his way through the snow, this week,
Aye Aye Digs In Snow
to take front and center, above all the other cats on the block. View From On High The stage is on the top shelf of a pvc unit upon which I put a box because, before, the kitties used the shelf as a wrestling surface, from which they often ended up clambering onto and occasionally into the tiny mailbox, putting too much stress on the screws which held the thing in place, as well as too much stress on the falling kitties.Knocked the Mailbox Crooked So the box raises them up enough that there's no new mailbox problem.

It also raises them up enough that they view it as the perfect stage from which to watch the others with amusement, snickering up their kitty sleeves AyeAye Laughs Up His Sleeve or just laughing outrightAyeAye Laughs At YOU

Then there is the occasional Bronx cheer
Tongue Lashing

and catcall
before AyeAye finally lets everybody in on the secret --AyeAye Lets You In On the Joke

Performance Art is like public bathing: Cleaning Up His Act
everybody may be able to do it, but only cats should.

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