Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Catblog: SnuggleUpagus

This morning is laundry time -- I had to strip the bed & remake it with fresh linens and a few mousie toys.

Peanut helped Peanut On The Downs
by claiming the middle of everything, on top of both the featherbed and the comforter, and by chasing her little furry mousie all around. I think she lost it in the puffs.

Then, on my way in the front door to my folks' house, I was greeted by Furfur, who in no uncertain terms informed me Furfur objects to the camera that the camera and the laundry* could wait until we'd had a half hour of cuddling (during which time I took on the appearance of a victim of a vampire, due to his happy kneading of my chin and neck). He wouldn't even let me open the door to take my gear indoors.

Furfur is turning into quite the cuddler. Bossy, too.

Looking for more snugglebugs? Be sure to visit Modulator, for Friday Ark # 122, and then on Sunday, stop by enrevanche, where Mr. Gato will be hosting the Carnival of the Cats.

*yes, I still take my laundry to Mom's machines. I can't breathe the smoke in the local laundromats (they still allow smoking in public, around here), and my house isn't sufficiently wired & plumbed for me to get my own machines. Besides, this way Mom knows I love her for more than just her computer. ;-)

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