Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday catblog: Maus sends postcards and a simple recipe

I see you when you're sleeping...
I know when you're awake...

The whole family out here, in Frontporchistan, Momsporchistan, Popsyardia, and points between got together for this special occasion,

Postcard:  Cat Family Gathering

to wish you all a Meowwy Hissmas (or whatever you servants call it)
filled with all manner of delights, earthly and otherwise.

And from one who knows the finest cuisine, here is my simple recipe for the best, most festive dinner a family might share:

Of course, I really don't expect my human to serve me one of these. But a cat can hope, can't she? Isn't this supposed to be the season for hope?

Postcard:  Bluebirds & Holly

If you hope for more beautiful felines, or perhaps further ideas of recipes for us, be sure to visit Modulator, for Friday Ark #118, and don't forget that, on Hissmas Eve (that's Sunday!), there ought to be a Carnival of us Cats at I-Meow (humans call it IMAO).

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